About Us

Darius Films is a pretty cool little film and TV production company. Yah, we’re a small company, it’s true, but we work hard and we know what we’re doing and we manage to actually get pictures made.

We made this picture DEFENDOR which kinda made a big splash at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009. After that, we made a film called A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO ENDINGS, that played as a Gala Presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival which means it screened in the huge symphony hall to 3,000 people. That was pretty neat. Harvey Keitel was in that one.

Our film WEIRDSVILLE, which Allan Moyle directed (he’s the guy who made PUMP UP THE VOLUME and EMPIRE RECORDS), got some awesome reviews; this one from Variety was my favorite.

Before that we made a movie called THE LIFE AND HARD TIMES OF GUY TERRIFICO that starred some really awesome musicians, including Kris Kristofferson who’s just about the coolest guy on the planet. TERRIFICO won the ‘best first time director’ award at the Toronto International Film Festival in ’05 and then it was voted the Best Canadian Film of 2005 by the readers of “Inside Entertainment” magazine. That was pretty cool.

A couple of years ago the Austin Film Festival had over 3,000 submissions and they chose 10 feature films for competition, can you believe that 2 of them were produced by us? What are the odds of that? It’s true, RUN ROBOT RUN a sci-fi romantic comedy and A LOBSTER TALE were both in the Austin Film Fest that year. That was a fun week (ate a lot of brisket).

We also made a movie about Easter bunnies called HANK AND MIKE, but it’s definitely not for kids. It’s kinda BAD SANTA for Easter. We made a film called COOPERS’ CHRISTMAS about one crazy Christmas Day with the world’s most dysfunctional family (but in a funny way).

We’ve made a bunch of other films too, nearly twenty now, that have played and sold all over the world so that’s kinda nifty.

We love movies and we’re gonna keep making them but we also dig television in a big way. Our first series just started its second season. It’s an adult animated series called Fugget About It about a mob family living in witness protection. We’re working with some great writers and broadcasters around the world on a bunch of really other exciting ideas too.

Anyway… check out some trailers and stuff if you want by clicking around on this site, and if you want to call us or anything our number’s on here too. Thanks for visiting…